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Combined type carbide broach
The utility model belongs to the field of machining, particularly, relate to a combined type carbide broach, including first broach portion, second broach portion, third broach portion, wherein,Expand
Handheld measuring instrument for internal spline M value
The invention discloses a handheld measuring instrument for an internal spline M value. The handheld measuring instrument for the internal spline M value comprises a spline body, an elastic body, aExpand
Radial pulsation measurement instrument for external spline gear ring
The invention discloses a dial external spline gear ring radial pulsation measuring apparatus, which comprises a measuring stand, an internal spline ring, an adjusting handle, an adjusting screw, aExpand
Indexable broaching blade
The invention belongs to the field of broaching cutters and blades and relates to an indexable broaching blade. The indexable broaching blade comprises a first broaching surface, a second broachingExpand
Race broach group
The utility model discloses a race broach group formed by combining a rough race deep broach, rough race toothed wide broach and a finishing race tooth top-surface broach. Expand
GB/T 5106-2012《圆柱直齿渐开线花键量规》修订版解读
1 引言 经中华人民共和国国家质量监督检验检疫总局、中国国家标准化管理委员会共同批准,新修订的GB/T5106-2012《圆柱直齿渐开线花键量规》标准已于2012年12月31日发布,并于2013年10月1日起正式实施。
Wheel groove broach layered multi-tool tooth groove rough/finish-milling method
The invention discloses a wheel groove broach layered multi-tool tooth groove rough/finish-milling method. The method comprises a wheel groove broach rough-milling tooth groove machining step and aExpand