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クローラシューと走行路面の動的相互作用 : 第1報,クローラ走行の基礎理論
Crawler-type vehicles are often used as the propulsion apparatus for construction machinery because they produce stable supporting force and high propulsion power on soft ground. At present,Expand
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Effects of Small Defects and Inclusions on Fatigue Strength of Maraging Steel
Effects of artificial small defects (drilled hole, shallow notch and the indentation of the Vickers hardness) on the fatigue strength of a maraging steel which received various aging treatments forExpand
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クローラシューと走行路面の動的相互作用 : 第4報, 自走時における推進力発生機構
This report studies about generation mechanism of tractive force in driving, which has not been sufficiently studied yet. The distribution and time history of tension, dynamic ground pressure,Expand
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クローラシューと走行路面の動的相互作用 : 第2報,基礎理論の実機への適用
A dynamic interaction between crawler shoes and road has been made clear by our theory of crawler propulsion, which was constructed in our first report. In order to complete the theory numerically,Expand
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クローラシューと走行路面の動的相互作用 : 第3報, 自走時におけるシューの挙動
This report describes the effects of shoes on the road in driving. Through experimental and theoretical analysis using a scale model of a crawler-type vehicle, the slip, sinkage, inclination,Expand
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石炭ふ頭における荷役運搬システムの最適設計 : 第1報,モンテカルロ法を用いたシミュレーション解析
In this research, the optimum design method is studied for a materials handling-carrying system in a coaling wharf which includes many probability factors. In this paper, a simulation analysis methodExpand
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クローラクレーンのつり荷走行 : 第1報,走行路面の影響
In the design of mobile cranes, the dynamic load factor is of great importance. However, the dynamic load factor during propelling with a lifted load has never been described in "The Code ofExpand
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ばら物用連続式荷役機械の動特性 : 第1報,掘削抵抗の理論的研究
It is important to realize the digging resistance in the design of excavators of continuous bulk handling equipment. Until now, resistance has been determined by analyzing the load acting on theExpand
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