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Method for preparing acetabulum side model and guide plate based on three-dimensional reconstruction technology
The invention discloses a method for preparing an acetabulum side model and a guide plate based on a three-dimensional reconstruction technology. Expand
Graphene chemical patterning method
The invention discloses a graphene chemical patterning method. The graphene chemical patterning method comprises the following steps: 1) coating a photo-resistant material on the surface of graphene;Expand
Rubidium atomic frequency standard bubble frequency control method and system
The invention discloses a rubidium atomic frequency standard bubble frequency control system. The system comprises a physical system and a microwave cavity, an inner bubble is arranged in theExpand
Preparation methods acetabular side mold and the guide based on the three-dimensional reconstruction
The latter based preparation acetabular side mold and the guide plate of a three- dimensional reconstruction techniques, step, three-dimensional hip CT data before patients undergoing processing digitized three-imensional data model reconstruction acetabulum dimensional bone structure, reduction of disease original state ; two step, by analyzing the position of the acetabula, the acetABular evaluation state, clear the surrounding bone and theacetabulum periacetabular bone thickness calculation. Expand
Tooling apparatus for transferring a graphene film
本发明公开了一种用于转移石墨烯薄膜的工装装置,包括底板、与底板固定连接的固定柱和垫片;所述垫片可以穿过固定柱,用于隔离石墨烯薄膜支撑层。 本发明能够同时对多个生长有石墨烯薄膜的催化基底进行刻蚀,提高生产效率,同时工装装置具有结构简单,易于制造的优点。
Tooling device for transferring graphene thin film
The invention discloses a tooling device for transferring a graphene thin film. The tooling device comprises a bottom plate, a fixed column and a washer, wherein the fixed column is fixedly connectedExpand
Device for taking bone cement out of marrow cavities
The invention discloses a device for taking bone cement out of marrow cavities. The device comprises a tubular drill bit and a driving device, the driving device is connected with the drill bit andExpand