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Industrial cultivation method of selenium-enriched agaricus bisporus
The invention provides an industrial cultivation method of selenium-enriched agaricus bisporus, The cultivation materials comprises the materials based on the following part by weight: 100-300 partsExpand
Health-protection selenium-enriched agaricus bisporus beverage and preparation method thereof
The invention discloses health-protection selenium-enriched agaricus bisporus beverage which is characterized by being prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 70-90 parts ofExpand
Health-care food for improving sleeping and its preparing process
The invention provides a health food for improving sleeping and process for preparation, which is prepared from walnut oil 5-50, schisandra fruit 5-50, gynostemma pentaphylla 5-30, acanthopanax rootExpand
Method for cultivating variotin pecilocin with silkworm and medicinal use
By using silkworm as host and through the technological processes of strain preparation, strain culture, silkworm selection, disinfection, inoculation to silkworm, dragles culture, variotinExpand
Novel septicemia polypeptide and application thereof to diagnosis of septicemia
Experiments show that when DcR3 and PCT are used as markers at the same time, specificity and sensitivity of early diagnosis of septicemia are improved and biological effects of infectious inflammation symptoms can be effectively reduced. Expand
Health-care food with functions of improving immunocompetence and protecting damaged gastric mucosa and its preparing method
A health-care food in the form of soft-capsule, capsule, particle, tablet, or oral liquid for improving immunity and preventing and treating the injury of stomach mucosa is proportionally preparedExpand