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Multi-drop-hammer millisecond delay loading experiment system
The invention discloses a multi-drop-hammer millisecond delay loading experiment system, and belongs to the technical field of drop hammer impact experiments. The multi-drop-hammer millisecond delayExpand
The method of manufacturing a solder alloy of the solder powder and the processing means implement the method
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a solder alloy of the solder powder and the method to realize the processing means, the processing means: it comprises a funnel-shapedExpand
Radial water non-coupling explosive device
The utility model discloses a radial water non-coupling explosive device. The radial water non-coupling explosive device comprises a barrel body A and at least one barrel body B. AExpand
Novel intelligent generating platform based on object-moving redundant power
The invention provides a novel generating method, the novel intelligent generating platform has wide application prospect, and the power generating cost is reduced. Expand
Demolition blasting method for prestress concrete cantilever trussed arch bridge
The invention discloses a demolition blasting method for a prestress concrete cantilever trussed arch bridge. The demolition blasting method comprises the following steps: an energy-gathering lineExpand
Integrated construction device for electronic detonator
The invention discloses an integrated construction device for an electronic detonator. An all-in-one machine main body comprises the following components: a microcontroller control module, aExpand
Electronic detonator initiation remote control network
The utility model provides an electronic detonator initiation remote control network which comprises an upper computer control module, a driver module, an initiator control module, a change-overExpand
Construction method for high-rise building frame structure
According to the construction method, the construction quality and safety of the high-rise building can be ensured; the construction period is shortened; the environment pollution caused by construction is reduced; the economic benefits of construction enterprises are improved. Expand
Explosive sympathetic detonation distance testing device
The invention discloses an explosive sympathetic detonation distance testing device which comprises a supporting frame and a connecting frame. The connecting frame is composed of two plates which areExpand
Time difference positioning system and method for deep well drill bit position
According to the method, the range of acoustic wave vibration frequency is set and acquired, the interference factors of noise signals in the drilling operation site are eliminated, and three-dimensional positioning of the drill bit is realized. Expand