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Pattern-controlling mechanics of different age classes of Stellera chamaejasme population in degraded alpine grassland
Ripley′s K function is used to study the pattern-controlling relationship and spatial association of Stellera chamaejasmea plants in degraded grassland to reveal the process of the diffusion of cooperation and competition relationships of the StellERA chamaesmea population in degraded Grassland. Expand
Spatial pattern and competition relationship ofStellera chamaejasmeandAneurolepidium dasystachyspopulation in degraded alpine grassland
Human activities are affecting the habitat, which decrease the number of habitats and recede the quality. The biggest threat to species diversity worldwide is the loss of suitable habitat. HumanExpand
Spatial distribution and spatial association of Stellera chamaejasme population in the different altitude in in degraded alpine grassland
Stellera chamaejasme population possess apparent response mechanism to environmental change, by each other shield reduce propagation, weaken intraspecific competition and enhance aggregate strength realize survival and reproduction. Expand
Analysis of correlation between leaf water potential and midrib traits of Salix matsudana in Zhangye Wetland, China
The hydraulic characteristics of plant leaves can be reflected by leaf water potential and midrib traits. The correlation between the two factors can help to understand the balance between waterExpand
In the process of grassland degradation the spatial pattern and spatial association of dominant species
The spatial association of Melica przewalskyi replacing Stipa Krylovii gradually transferred from negative to no association and negative correlation increased significantly in the beginning, and then weakened. Expand
Spatial pattern of sexual plants and vegetative plants of Stipa krylovii population in alpine degraded grassland
Spatial pattern is important in plant ecology as it affected the dynamics of plant populations,communities and ecosystem processes,which can reveal the dynamic and stability of population andExpand