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Responses of soil respiration to different environment factors in semi-arid and arid areas
Soil respiration,as one of the key ecological processes,plays an important role in terrestrial ecosystems.Quantitative analysis of soil respiration is critical to assessment of ecosystem carbon
Effects of sand burial on growth,survival,photosynthetic and transpiration properties of Agriophyllum squarrosum seedlings
Agriophyllum squarrosum is an annual psammophyte species and wildly distributed in all deserts and sand lands in China. Changes of plant height,survival rate,photosynthetic rate( Pn),transpiration
Influence of population density on morphological traits and allometric growth of Corispermum macrocarpum
The results showed that density strongly affects the plant architecture, and the biomass of all organs decreased significantly with an increase in density, which is consistent with the prediction of optimal allocation theory in the context of moisture, nutrient, and light limitation.
Ecological adaptation and physiological response ofArtemisia halodendronseedling to sand burial
Artemisia halodendron had a stronger ability to withstand sand burial stress, with some plants still surviving even if buried to a depth reaching 200% of the seedling heights.