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Method for synthesizing chiral dorzolamide hydrochloride
The invention discloses a compound represented by a general formula 1 and a preparation method thereof. In the structural formula, X=Y=O, or X=S, Y=O, or X=Y=S; and R represents phenyl, benzyl or
Preparation method of intermediate compound of Decitabine
The invention discloses a preparation method of an intermediate compound of Decitabine as shown as a formula III, which comprises the step of reacting a compound V with a compound IV on a
Preparation method for cabazitaxel intermediate
The preparation method of the present invention has a high yield, a high purity, a low cost, good safety, and a simple post-treatment process, thereby being suitable for industrial production.
Cabazitaxel intermediates and cabazitaxel intermediate preparation method
The invention discloses a preparation method of a cabazitaxel intermediate represented by the formula V. The method comprises the steps that: under the effect of alkali, a compound represented by the
Process for synthesizing 5-aminovaleric acid hydrochloride
The invention relates to an efficient novel method for synthesizing photosensitizing agent 5-ketoamine valerate hydrochloride. The method uses compounds of formula (I) and formula (II). In the
Intermediate for preparing chiral aminoboronic acid and preparation method thereof
The invention discloses an intermediate shown in a formula I for preparing chiral aminoboronic acid and a preparation method thereof, wherein at least one of 1-bit carbon and 2-bit carbon is chiral
Ginsenoside nano-micelle and preparation method thereof, application and pharmaceutical composition
Each composition of ginsenoside nano-micelle dissolves by this preparation method in the organic solvent that can dissolve ginenoside, removes organic solvent afterwards and get final product.
Preparation method for cabazitaxel and intermediate thereof, and cabazitaxel intermediate
The invention discloses a preparation method for cabazitaxel. The preparation method comprises the steps of performing an acetyl protecting group-removing reaction on propionate side chain of a
Process for synthesizing sunitinib
The invention discloses a method for synthesizing sunitinib, which comprises the following steps that: tert-butyl acetoacetate and acetylacetic ester are taken as initial raw materials, and