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Superresolution fluorescence microscopy
Analysis method and apparatus for biological molecules using Raman spectroscopy
The present invention provides an apparatus having a sample separation unit, a Raman spectroscopic unit and the mass analyzer. The present invention also provides a method for identifying aExpand
Raman spectroscopy microscope and method for observing raman scattering
The purpose of the present invention is to achieve a Raman spectroscopy microscope wherein spatial resolution exceeds the diffraction limit of light. A diffraction grating (2) diffracts laser lightExpand
Fluorescence microscope and observation method
By performing the observation based on the saturation component of the fluorescence, thereby improving the spatial resolution. Fluorescence microscope according to the present invention includes aExpand
Raman Microscope Imaging of a Living Cell
Timing adjustment device of the pulsed laser beam, adjusting method and optical microscopy
Readily timing adjustment device of the pulsed laser beam it is possible to adjust the timing of the pulsed laser beam, the timing adjustment method, and to provide an optical microscope. OpticalExpand