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Automatic water-level collecting system
The utility model relates to an automatic water-level collecting system which consists of a plurality of water level sensors, an embedded industrial control computer and a wireless accessing device, and a high-speed wireless local area network for managing collecting terminals and transmitting data. Expand
下调 DKK2 表达对小鼠子宫内膜基质细胞增殖和凋亡的影响
目的 本试验旨在研究RNA干扰Dickkopf-2基因(DKK2)表达对小鼠子宫内膜基质细胞增殖和凋亡的影响。 方法 设计并合成3条针对DKK2基因的siRNA,在转染试剂LipofectamineTM 2000介导下转染小鼠子宫内膜基质细胞,用RT-qPCR法检测转染前、后DKK2基因的表达量,筛选干扰效率最高的1条siRNA。用该siRNA转染小鼠子宫内膜基质细胞24Expand
Method for measuring flow of pipe network
The invention discloses a method for measuring flow of a pipe network. A first receiver, a transmitter and a second receiver are arranged at the bottom of the pipe network and are arranged along theExpand