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New Record of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera togakushiensis from Northern Sakhalin, the Russian Far East
This paper is the first report of the freshwater mussel Margaritifera togakushiensis from northern Sakhalin. Species identification was performed based on shell characteristics. Twenty six deadExpand
Host Fish Species for the Glochidia of Anodonta japonica Inhabiting Drainage Ditches for Rice Cultivation in Hikone City
Determining the hosts for individual mussel species represents a very important ecological study on Unionidae as wel as other families in the Unionoida. Expand
Left-right Reversal Arrangement of Glochidial Threads in Sinanodonta lauta (Bivalvia: Unionidae)
This is the first report on the left-right reversal arrangement of organs in Sinanodonta lauta glochidia. A glochidial larva possesses a pair of subtriangular-shaped shells, a pair of claw- likeExpand
タガイ幼生の寄生能力及び変態成功に対する麻酔薬の影響 ; Effect of the Anesthetic Agent MS-222 on the Attachment Performance and Metamorphosis Success of Glochidial Larvae in Anodonta Japonica (Unionidae:Anodontinae)
We examined the efects of the anesthetic agent MS-222 on glochidial viability in Anodonta japonica, the parasitization rate of the glochidia on the host fish Gymnogobius urotaenia and theExpand