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Hook with 360 DEG horizontal rotation and automatic fixing angle
The utility model relates to a hook with 360 DEG horizontal rotation and automatic fixing angle, which comprises a hook main body and a fixing seat, wherein the fixing seat is an isosceles triangle,Expand
Medicinal preparation for treating and preventing coronary heart disease and thromboembolia disease and its preparation
A medicine for preventing and treating coronary heart disease and thrombotic diseases is prepared from gingko flavone, dipyridamole and excipient. Its preparing process is also disclosed.
FOSA 241 1.2“激”手提电脑
Quality control method of cbinese medicinal preparation
A quality control method for the Chinese medicine features that a thin-layer chromatography is used for the identification to shing bugleweed, radix zanthoxyli, Chinese angelica root and hispid fig,Expand
Pinnacle Pro—ONE专业级影像像剪接卡
IBM Netvista “MAX”多元化桌面电脑
Coryza-treating capsule and preparation process thereof
The invention relates to a capsule for treating rhinitis and process for preparation, wherein the capsule comprises (by weight portions) Senecio scandens 9696-2424, spikemoss 1616-404, cassia seedExpand