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Power coupler for mixed power automobile
The present invention discloses a power coupling device for a hybrid automobile, the device is manufactured using a conventional differential, the left side gear (1) and the right side gears (2) areExpand
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Relationships between coastal meadow distribution and soil characteristics in the Yellow River Delta
The Yellow River Delta,one of China′s three major river deltas,has recently been the subject of numerous important research projects.Soil is an important environmental factor in the delta and heavilyExpand
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NBL(上标 *)形式系统
The non-commutative BR0-algebra is formalized and its definition is simplified and also it have more feature of logic algebra. Using the completeness thought existing between logic algebra and itsExpand
Transformation Electrics: Cloaking and Rotating Electric Current
Transformation optics provides great versatility for precisely manipulating electromagnetic waves. It has been extended to other fields including acoustics, thermotics, and electrics. TakingExpand
复平面C([0, 1])上的逻辑代数及其度量
In this paper, four kinds of logical algebras is proposed on complex number plane C([0,1]), and their properties are discussed. Moreover, the logical metric and the four logical metric spaces areExpand
An accelerated jet in DA1937