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Electroluminescent device using the metal coordination compound
Using rhenium coordination compound, in order to provide a large light emitting element of the high and the emission luminance of the luminous efficiency, between a pair of electrodes formed on aExpand
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Discotic liquid crystal device and an alignment method
A layer of discotic liquid crystal having a molecular structure including a disk-shaped core and plural side chains connected to the core is disposed in contact with a substrate boundary providedExpand
(57)【要約】 【目的】 応答速度が速く、コントラストが高く、応答 速度の温度依存性を軽減させるのに効果的なテトラヒド ロキナゾリン化合物、これを含む液晶組成物、及び該液 晶組成物を使用する液晶素子並びにそれらを用いた表示 方法及び表示装置を提供する。 【構成】 6−ペンチル−2−(4,4′−ヘプチルビ フェニル)−5,6,7,8−テトラヒドロキナゾリンExpand
The organic light emitting device and an organic compound
Platinum complex and an organic light emitting device using the same
A platinum complex is represented by General Formula (1) below. In Formula (1), Pt represents a tetravalent platinum atom. The ring structure A represents a cyclic substituent having a carbon atomExpand