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Electromagnetic shielding fabric
The utility model relates to an electromagnetic shielding fabric, which comprises a substrate layer, metal plating layers and conductive high polymer layers. The metal plating layers are plated toExpand
Internal Y-shaped connector sealing method for direct-water-cooling magnetic stirrer winding
The invention discloses an internal Y-shaped connector method for a direct-water-cooling magnetic stirrer winding. The method comprises the following steps of: setting leads at respective ends of aExpand
Method for measuring non-linear parameters of speaker unit based on system identification
The method is applicable to conventional sound-frequency measuring meter. Feeding-in an adjustable DC current shifts the voice coil a certain displacement from equilibrium position. Under differentExpand
Rare earth mordant dyeing method for kapok fiber and textile thereof
The invention relates to a rare earth mordant dyeing method for kapok fibers and textiles thereof. The method comprises the following steps: pre-treating kapok textile so as to remove some waxyExpand
Low-temperature preparation process for dual-element modified nanometer TiO2 sol
The invention relates to a low-temperature preparation process for dual-element modified nanometer TiO2 sol. The process comprises the following steps: dissolving tetrabutyl titanate in absoluteExpand
Real-time vehicle navigation method based on wireless data network
The invention discloses a real-time vehicle navigation method based on a wireless data network. In the method, (1) destination information is input into a vehicle-mounted end by a user, positioningExpand
Method and system for transmitting and displaying multiple files
  • 沈勇
  • Computer Science
  • 30 March 2010
The method for transmitting multiple files is implemented, time required for transmitting the multiple files can be shortened, waiting time of users at a receiving side can be reduced, user requirements are met, and user experience can be improved in the process of transmitting themultiple files. Expand