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Lead bath covering agent
The invention discloses a lead bath covering agent. The lead bath covering agent is a composite covering agent and comprises a first layer of covering agent and a second layer of covering agent,Expand
Wireless charging dock and charging equipment
The utility model discloses a wireless charging seat and charging equipment. Expand
Wireless charging method, charging device and charging socket
The invention discloses a wireless charging method, a charging device and a charging socket. The wireless charging method comprises that the charging socket receives external signals and determinesExpand
研究了不同等温铅浴淬火后0.92%C钢丝的组织与性能,并对钢丝断裂机理进行了分析。结果表明,提高奥氏体化温度至980℃、降低铅浴温度至585℃,直径0.84 mm钢丝中珠光体含量高,片层间距细小、均匀,抗拉强度、断面收缩率及硬度均达到最大,且钢丝拥有较强的连续拉拔性能,湿拉过程中的断丝率仅为0.004次/km。
A process ultrafine carbon steel wire surface quality and improve the performance of drawing
Entrance to a lane pier with springiness cushioning structure
The utility model provides an entrance to a lane pier with springiness cushioning structure. The problem of current pier buffer stop exist anticollision performance poor, harm serious etc. Is solved.Expand
Train door protection layer and production method thereof
The invention discloses a train door protection layer. The train door protection layer is characterized by comprising the following components in percentage by volume: 50-70% of nano oxide and 30-50%Expand
Embedded anti-theft alarm, power converter, anti-theft system and anti-theft method thereof
The invention relates to an embedded anti-theft alarm which comprises a first control module, a receiving module for receiving identification code information from a remote control anti- theft device and an alarm module for sending an alarm when the monitored device is stolen under the control of the first control. Expand
A method of reducing the flow of low-frequency noise of the pump system
The present invention relates to an oil pump system for reducing low-frequency flow noise, for solving the oil pump oil return flow generating pump low flow noise. The oil pump system includesExpand
Method for reducing residual stress of surface coating of biological medical magnesium alloy
The invention discloses a method for reducing residual stress of a surface coating of a biological medical magnesium alloy. The method comprises the following steps: by using the biological medicalExpand