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Cam shaft manufacturing method and gear shaft manufacturing method
This cam shaft manufacturing method has: a split mold group preparation step; a processing preparation step, wherein cams (equipped with cam main bodies having a through-hole and smaller in size thanExpand
Procédé de fabrication d'arbre à cames et procédé de fabrication d'arbre d'engrenage
L'invention concerne un procede de fabrication d'arbre a cames qui comprend : une etape de preparation de groupe de moules divises ; une etape de preparation de traitement consistant a preparer desExpand
Method for manufacturing different-thickness steel pipe, and different-thickness steel pipe
This method for manufacturing a different-thickness steel pipe, which manufactures a different-thickness steel pipe from a hollow cylindrical element pipe, has: a locking step, wherein the elementExpand
Hydroforming method and hydroforming parts
Yield improvement by reducing the cost discarded pipe end as much as possible, prevent wrinkles due to clamping loaded with internal pressure, multi-step hydroforming and pre-reduction of the tubeExpand
Connecting structure, the manufacturing method of the connecting member having a connecting member, and the coupling structure having a linking structure
The coupling member includes a hollow rod portion constituted by a metal tube, the plastic deformation of the metal pipe, and a fastening portion which is formed so as to articulate the end of theExpand
Manufacturing method and roll forming device in the form steel longitudinally sectional shape changes
Roll forming apparatus for roll forming to produce shaped steel cross-sectional shape changes from the sheet material in the longitudinal direction, a first mold roll having an annular ridge which isExpand