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13C NMR Spectroscopic Studies of Several New Diterpenoid Alkaloids from Aconitum Species
The ~(13)C NMR spectra of aconitine-type diterpenoid alkaloids and derivatives: yunaconitine(3),vilmorrianines A (5), B (karakoline, 8), C(7)and D(9), soopaline (10), 3-acetyl-yunaconitine (4) and
Use of a composition containing an ecdysteroid
The invention concerns the use in cosmetics, pharmaceutics or as nutritional supplement, of a composition containing an ecodysteroid derivative, or a natural plant or animal extract to stimulate the natural defences of cells against the consequences of their being exposed to ultraviolet rays in particular solar radiation.
Process for preparing total sanchinoside
A process for preparing total sanchinoside includes crushing notoginseng as raw material, leaching, concentrating, clarifying, desugarizing, decolouring, concentrating and drying. Its advantages are
Extraction and separation method of notoginseng polysaccharide
The present invention provides an extraction-separation method that can raise comprehensive utilization of notoginseng raw material, reduce impurity, reduce dosage of solvent, reduce cost and raise production efficiency, and is suitable for large-scale production.
Cooked Panax notoginseng and cooked Panax notoginseng standard extract and application thereof
The method can be used as the traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece with dual functions of medicine and food for a Chinese patent medicine product and food, a health-care product, functionalized cosmetics, and other healthy products.
Prodn. method of after fermentation of tea leaves
A post-fermenting technology for preparing Pu'er tea includes such steps as providing raw Pu'er leaves, treating at particular temp in particular humidity, inoculating special bacterial flora, and
Pu-er ripe tea pile-after-fermentation producing method
A fermentation production method after the pile fermentation of cooked Puerh tea is characterized in that the Yunnan large-leaf Puerh tea is taken to make Puerh raw tea after the tea goes through the