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Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser with Dielectric Film Integrated on Substrate
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser( VCSEL) with external cavity which is filled by dielectric materials or air can achieve good beam quality and high power. Aiming at the problem of complexExpand
Effect of Indium Tin Oxide as Transparent Conductive Layer on Shallow Surface Relief VCSEL
The mode stability of shallow surface relief vertical cavity surface emitting laser( VCSEL)is constrained by the nonuniform current density distribution in the active region. In order to solve thisExpand
Spatial Coherence of High Power VCSEL Triangular-array
The spatial coherence properties of high power vertical cavity surface emitting lasers( VCSELs) triangle-arrays were studied based on the theorem of Hermitian-Gaussian beams and spatial coherence.Expand
Study on the bionomics and habitat ofLuehdorfia taibai(Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
Luehdorfia taibai is mainly found in specific localities on the south slopes of Taibai Mountain. Its host plant is Saruma henryi, but the larvae can also eat some species of Asarum and AristolochiaExpand
Influence of Grating Parameters on Reflectivity of Si/SiO_2 High Contrast Gratings
In order to solve the problem of poor stability of high contrast gratings( HCGs) for 850 nm VCSEL,a new type of Si / Si O2 HCGs was put forward. The influence of grating parameters on HCGExpand