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Traffic guidance system
The invention discloses a traffic guidance system which comprises a signal generation device arranged on a road traffic sign, and an indication device installed on a vehicle, wherein the signal generationdevice comprises a power supply module and a signal emission module which are connected, and the indication device comprises a control chip which is internally provided with a storage for storing information of speed limitation. Expand
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Total synthesis of the Daphniphyllum alkaloid daphenylline
The Daphniphyllum alkaloids are a large class of natural products isolated from a genus of evergreen plants widely used in Chinese herbal medicine. They display a remarkable range of biologicalExpand
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Intermolecular Conjugate Addition of Pyrroloindoline and Furoindoline Radicals to alpha,beta-Unsaturated Enones via Photoredox Catalysis
We have developed an intermolecular conjugate addition of 3a-pyrroloindoline/furoindoline radicals to alpha,beta-unsaturated enones, through visible-light photoredox catalysis. Ir(ppy)(2)(dtbbpy) PF6Expand
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Objective To explore the clinical significance of serum level of pro-gastrin-releasing peptide 31-98 (ProGRP31-98) for small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), in comparison with neuron-specific enolase (NSE).Expand
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Total Synthesis of Rubriflordilactone A
The first and asymmetric total synthesis of rubriflordilactone A, a bisnortriterpenoid isolated from Schisandra rubriflora, has been accomplished in a convergent manner. Two enantioenriched fragmentsExpand
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Total Synthesis of (-)-Fusarisetin A and Reassignment of the Absolute Configuration of Its Natural Counterpart
The first total synthesis of (-)-fusarisetin A, the enantiomer of naturally occurring acinar morphogenesis inhibitor (+)-fusarisetin A, was accomplished in 13 steps, leading to the reassignment ofExpand
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