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深穴加工における穴の曲がりに関する研究 切削条件,工具剛性,工具形状および工具摩耗の影響
The influence of cutting conditions (cutting speed and feed), shank rigidity, shape of cutting edge and tool wear on axial hole deviation was examined in the special machining device using 16 kindsExpand
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In the previous paper, the authors investigated the influence of the viscosity grade of base oil for cutting oil on the action of an active sulfurous EP additive during cutting, by performing aExpand
深穴加工における穴の曲がり : 工具形状の影響(案内部形状)
The setup (in the rotating workpiece and stationary tool system or in the rotating tool and stationary workpiece system), misalignment of machining system, shape of the workpiece and tool geometryExpand
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歯切り用水溶性切削油剤に関する研究 : 第2報,希釈倍率の影響および合成油の効果
オーステンパ球状黒鉛鋳鉄歯車の歯切りに関する基礎的研究 最適ホブ切り条件および切削油,圧縮空気の影響
ADI (austempered ductile iron) has superior mechanical properties and shows a strength nearly identical to that of hardened steel. In view of such advantageous properties of ADI, research has beenExpand
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ホブ切り用切削油の添加剤の効果に及ぼす基油の粘度の影響 : 第2報,極圧添加剤と菜種油の併用効果
In our previous paper, the effects of viscosity of a cutting base oil for hobbing on the action of additives were investigated. It was revealed that a chlorinated fatty acid ester added to theExpand
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ドリルの振動特性 : 主切れ刃, チゼルエッジおよびマージンの作用
This paper deals with the characteristics of drill lateral vibration. The purpose is to make clear the effects of main cutting edges, a chisel edge and margins on the vibration behavior. ExperimentsExpand