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Packaging body, method for storing or transporting polyvinyl alcohol-based film, polyvinyl alcohol-based film, and polarizing film
The present invention provides a packaging body for a polyvinyl alcohol-based film, the packaging body being capable of suppressing deformation or degradation in the optical performance duringExpand
Polyvinyl-alcohol-based film, manufacturing method therefor, and polarizing film using said polyvinyl-alcohol-based film
The present invention provides: a polyvinyl-alcohol-based film that has superior dyeability as a raw material for a polarizing film, and that allows manufacturing of a polarizing film having superiorExpand
Film polarisant et plaque polarisante à base d'alcool (poly)vinylique
L'invention concerne un film polarisant a base d'alcool (poly)vinylique qui est capable de produire une plaque polarisante ayant peu de defauts d'affichage et une faible irregularite de couleur ; etExpand
Corps moulé en résine et plaque protectrice pour dispositif d'affichage
L'invention concerne un corps moule en resine transparent d'une epaisseur de 0,1 a 5 mm, constitue par le durcissement d'une composition photodurcissable comprenant un agent antibacterien et / ou unExpand
Method for producing polyvinyl alcohol film, polyvinyl alcohol film, and polarizing film
A method for producing a polyvinyl alcohol film in which an aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol resin is cast in a casting mold to make a film, and the film is continuously dried, adhered organicExpand
Polyvinyl alcohol film for polarizing films, method for producing same, and polarizing film using said polyvinyl alcohol film for polarizing films
Provided is a polyvinyl alcohol film for polarizing films, which has low haze and excellent stretchability and is produced with high productivity, and which enables the achievement of a polarizingExpand
Polyvinyl alcohol resin for production of polarizing film, method for producing same, polyvinyl alcohol film, method for producing polyvinyl alcohol film, polarizing film and polyvinyl alcohol resin
The present invention is a polyvinyl alcohol resin for the production of a polarizing film, which has a weight swelling degree of 1.4-1.65 as calculated by formula (1). Consequently, a polyvinylExpand