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Gas sensor sealing device with gas buffer function
The invention discloses a gas sensor sealing device with a gas buffer function. The gas sensor sealing device comprises a gas sensor, a gas sensor circuit board, an external shell and a pinch plate,
Disposable experimental body model for ultrasonic puncture
The invention discloses a disposable experimental body model for ultrasonic puncture. The disposable experimental body model is composed of a blocky sound-transmitting material, rubber pipe bubbles
One kind of trigger contractions fetal heart monitor fetal heart rate monitoring system
The present invention avoids prolonged ultrasonic radiation damage health of the fetus, the system means the small size and portability, without manual operation, without geographical restrictions on the fetal monitor.
Long-distance ultrasonic diagnosis system
The invention enables basic medical institutions to realize data transmission through the communication network and the server management platform, so that ultrasonic diagnosis experts in a large hospital can perform long-distance ultrasonic consultation in real time through the client.