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Infrared household appliance controller having access to intelligent household network
The infrared household appliance controller can have access to the intelligent household network, achieve the uniform control over different infrared household appliances of different families, and meet the household experience requirements of people for intellectualization and humanization. Expand
Preparation method of carboxyl-substituted metal phthalocyanine
The invention belongs to the technical field of preparation of organic compounds and particularly relates to a preparation method of carboxyl-substituted metal phthalocyanine. The preparationExpand
Method for preparing 5-hydroxymethylfurfural through efficient dehydration of hexose
The invention relates to a method for preparing 5-hydroxymethylfurfural through efficient dehydration of hexose. The method comprises the steps of in nitrogen, argon or air atmosphere, mixing hexose,Expand
Deformed fingerprint identification method based on local triangle structure characteristic collection
This invention relates to an identifying method for deformed fingerprints based on local triangle structure character set on the basis of the character that relative deformation of fingerprint image is limit in local regions to convert the computation to integral similarity among fingerprints to similarity balance among character sets. Expand