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Non-contact angle measurement based on parallel multiplex laser feedback interferometry
We present a novel precise angle measurement scheme based on parallel multiplex laser feedback interferometry(PLFI), which outputs two parallel laser beams and thus their displacement difference
Research on Scheduling Algorithms in Web Cluster Servers
This paper analyzes quantitatively the impact of the load balance scheduling algorithms and the locality scheduling algorithms on the performance of Web cluster servers, and brings forward the
Expression of Tenascin and Fibronectin in Nasal Polyps
The expression of TN and FN in edematous type was signifi-cantly stronger than that in cystic and glandular type and fibrous type, and abnormal ECM might contribute to proliferation of epithelia, accumulation of EOS and edemaformation, thereby causing development of NP.
It is concluded that the Dasyhelea biungula Ma et Yu, sp.nov.
Powder assistant adder
The utility model discloses a powder assistant adder. The powder assistant adder comprises a material hopper which an upward opening; an end cover is connected to the opening; the center of the end
Airfoil-shaped dynamic aerodynamic characteristic test bench for horizontal-axis wind turbine
The test bench carries out the differential processing of multiple groups of test data, thereby achieving the measurement of a vane life force, resistance and a pitching moment, and obtaining the airfoil-shaped dynamic aerodynamic characteristics of the vane.
Seamless elastomer telescoping device
The invention provides a seamless elastomer telescoping device, comprising a roadbed with a seam body and a pavement layer covered on the roadbed, wherein the a cover plate is covered on the seam