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Auxiliary fixture for precisely measuring pore sizes
The invention discloses an auxiliary fixture for precisely measuring pore sizes. The auxiliary fixture comprises a fixture body (1), a tightening screw (2), a tightening piece (3) and a spring (4)
Measuring method for thickness of extremely thin covering layer
The invention discloses a measuring method for the thickness of an extremely-thin covering layer, comprising the following steps of: sampling in a way of being obliquely crossed with a covering layer
Herbal acne-eliminating cream
Chinese ligusticum as special natural medicinal plant resource is used in developing the herbal acne-eliminating cream with special therapeutic effect on acne bacillus and skin care and has passed through relevant toxicity test and physical and chemical performance test.
Process for synthesizing 5-aminovaleric acid hydrochloride
The invention relates to an efficient novel method for synthesizing photosensitizing agent 5-ketoamine valerate hydrochloride. The method uses compounds of formula (I) and formula (II). In the
Preparation method of demebeverine hydrochloride
The present invention relates to a preparation method of norfenefrine hydrochloride. In the method, the target compound is prepared from m-hydroxybenzaldehyde as raw materials by addition reaction
Process for synthesizing sunitinib
The invention discloses a method for synthesizing sunitinib, which comprises the following steps that: tert-butyl acetoacetate and acetylacetic ester are taken as initial raw materials, and