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The organic light emitting device and a display device
An organic light-emitting device adapted for coating and having good emission efficiency and luminance. The organic light-emitting device employs an anode, a cathode, and a layer including an organicExpand
Rotary atomizing electrostatic coating apparatus
A rotary atomizing electrostatic coating apparatus having a rotating spray head, and a paint nozzle for feeding paint on the front surface of the spray head, in which the spray head is comprising aExpand
Liposome producing method and liposome producing device
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a liposome producing method which can reduce costs for required equipment and allows quick desolvation, and a liposome producing device for use in theExpand
Radiographic imaging control apparatus and method
Novel organic compounds and organic light emitting devices
To provide a novel organic compound and an organic light emitting device including the same that is suitable for green light emission. A to provide an organic compound characterized by represented byExpand