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Hydrogen Storage in Benzene Moiety Decorated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
氢存储能力(5,5 ) 与苯一半化学上装饰的围单人赛的碳 nanotubes (SWNT ) 被使用分子动力学模拟(MD ) 和密度学习功能的理论(DFT ) 计算。它被发现那苯分子碰撞在上(5,5%) 在 50eV 的事件 enegry 的 SWNT 在 SWNT 的墙上形成苯一半吸附的很稳定的配置。当苯一半装饰了时, MDS 显示那( 5,5 ) SWNT 并且一太古( 5,5 ) SWNT
Polymerization of Silicon-Doped Heterofullerenes: an Ab Initio Study
我们在做 Si 的 heterofullerene C50Si10 和它的衍生物的几何、电子的结构上执行计算,更暗淡的 C40Si20-C40Si20 和由使用密度功能的理论的基于 C40Si20 的 nanowire。基于 C40Si20 的 nanowire 的优化配置展出常规塑造哑铃的链 nanostructure。电子结构计算显示基于 heterofullerene 的材料的
Self-cleaning pet comb
The utility model discloses a self-cleaning pet comb, which aims to be simple in structure, convenient in use, low in manufacturing cost and adjustable in the length of exposed comb teeth, and enable
On-line uninterrupted UPS system
This invention discloses an on-line continued UPS system including an AC-DC conversion circuit, a DC-AC conversion circuit and a backup cell circuit characterizing that the backup cell circuit
Clinical application of radiofrequency thermocoagulation for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia in the el-derly
目的探讨射频热凝术治疗老年人三叉神经痛的穿刺方法、射频温度与时间、治疗的并发症. 方法采用Hartel前入路穿刺法,射频热凝术治疗三叉神经痛. 结果本组620例,总有效率91.3%,无死亡率,并发症少、轻,7年随访复发率21.8%. 结论射频热凝术是治疗老年人三叉神经痛安全、简便、有效、适应症广、并发症少、轻的方法.
Uninterrupted power system
The invention relates to an uninterrupted power system which comprises a DC/AC converter (100) and a direct AC/AC converter (200), wherein the DC/AC converter (100) is connected between an input AC
Photovoltaic grid-connected inverter and photovoltaic grid-connected inverter control method
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  • 7 April 2015
The concentrated MPPT controller can achieve control over the operation state of the DC-DC converters and the output power of the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, and the efficiency of the photo-voltaic power generation system is improved.
Medicine bottle measuring system based on machine vision and measuring system thereof
According to the measuring method, characteristic parameters of a medicine bottle can be precisely measured so that a mechanical arm can precisely capture, open the medicine bottle and prepare medicine liquid, and therefore workload of medicine dispersing workers can be reduced.
LLC converter and control circuit thereof
A sampling point of the sampling module is arranged on the primary side of the transformer, an isolation circuit is not needed, long-distance wiring is avoided, the circuit structure can be optimized, and the control precision is improved.