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Wedge cam brake
A wedge cam brake wherein a ball screw (13), which is screwed into a ball nut (38) to which a wedge cam (20) is integrally provided, is rotationally driven, thereby moving the wedge cam (20) alongExpand
Procédé de concentration des lipides
La presente invention concerne un procede permettant de concentrer de facon efficace un composant lipidique des carapaces de crustaces. L'invention concerne donc un procede de concentration desExpand
Gel adhesive compositions
Gel adhesive compositions of the present invention, the crosslinked water-soluble polymer, water, a gel adhesive composition containing a humectant, amphipathic polymer, a water-insoluble polymer andExpand
Pad for electrodes
A pad (1) for electrodes, which is provided with: a first conductive adhesive sheet (2) that is to be connected to an arbitrary electrode; a second conductive adhesive sheet (4) that is positioned atExpand
Adjuster function with the pad holder
A disc brake device is provided with a wedge rod (20) axially moved by an actuator (4) and orthogonally arranged to a wheel axle, a wedge (5) mounted on the wedge rod (20) and having an inclinedExpand