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Method for catalytically synthesizing gamma-aminobutyric acid from glutamate biological solid-phase enzyme
The invention provides a method for catalytically synthesizing gamma-aminobutyric acid from a glutamate biological solid-phase enzyme, The method comprises the following steps: (1) catalytically
Calibration method for ultra-short baseline acoustic positioning system
This invention relates to a calibration method for ultra-short baseline acoustic positioning system, which comprises a main processor, a transceiver, a control unit, an ultra-short base line sound
Electrolytic cell feeding system and electrolytic cell system
The invention provides an electrolytic cell feeding system and an electrolytic cell system. The electrolytic cell feeding system comprises a material box, a constant-volume feeder and a feeding
Cation guar gum
A cationic surfactant for shampoo or cosmetics is prepared from more raw chemical materials through proportioning, synthesizing, centrifugal separation, washing, vacuum drying and pulverizing. Its
Big arm welding tool of garbage compressing car
The utility model relates to a big arm welding tool of a garbage compressing car. The big arm welding tool comprises two parallel tool side plates and two locating support plates. The two locating
Complete production equipment for laminated veneer lumbers
The invention saves equipment investment, the location of the lumbers is very accurate due to the adoption of the numerical control locating assembly machine, production efficiency and product quality are obviously improved, assembled veneers can be infinitely prolonged and the production field of the laminated veneer lumber is widened.
Application of jerusalem artichoke whole powder and meat product containing jerusalem artichoke whole powder
The jerusalem artichoke whole powder can be obtained with a simple method, can be used for regulating intestinal florae and generating probiotics beneficial to a human body, and can enable people to have satiety when being eaten.
Beam depth correction data based on the sound velocity depth of the edge of the vertical beam
The present invention relates to a beam based on the edge of the vertical depth of the beam depth data correction method of the sound speed, multi-beam echo-sounding system (Multi-beam Echo Sounder