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Heat sink material
The invention discloses a heat sink material which is composed of a high-heat-conductivity component and a low-expansion component. The mass percent of the high-heat-conductivity component is aExpand
In situ formation of titania film on NiTi alloy treated with hydrogen peroxide solution at low temperature
Chemically polished NiTi shape memory alloy(SMA) substrate was treated with a boiling aqueous solution containing hydrogen peroxide to form titania film in situ at low temperature. The surfaceExpand
The research advance of IRAK1 in immune regulation
The study of IRAK1 provide a theoretical basis for inflammatory and infectious diseases, which brought new opportunities for the treatment of the disease. Expand
New Understanding of the Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The basic theory of TCM based on its formation and contributions is reviewed and two new personal points are proposed as follows:Six Zang(六脏) theory and deemphasization of the five-element theory. Expand
13C NMR Spectroscopic Studies of Several New Diterpenoid Alkaloids from Aconitum Species
The ~(13)C NMR spectra of aconitine-type diterpenoid alkaloids and derivatives: yunaconitine(3),vilmorrianines A (5), B (karakoline, 8), C(7)and D(9), soopaline (10), 3-acetyl-yunaconitine (4) andExpand