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Process for extracting N6-(2-ethoxyl) adenosine from Paecilomyces Cicadae Samson culture
The analgesic mechanism of this compound is different from the presently used opium analgesic agent, and is of no addiction and safe, so it has a broad development and application propect.
- (2-hydroxyethyl) adenosine method
The present invention provides an N6- (2- hydroxyethyl) adenosine extraction from living body, the method comprising: 1), mycelium is dried, pulverized to obtain a powder mycelium; 2), the powder
It’s time to dust off the dustbin lids and cleanse the air, indeed.
Pesticidal reagent containing N6-(2-hydroxyethyl)adenosine
The invention provides a pesticidal reagent which comprises N6-(2-hydroxyethyl)adenosine and an auxiliary reagent. The pesticidal reagent can be used for controlling pests on crops. The pesticidal
(2-hydroxyethyl) adenosine N6- applied in the preparation of pesticidal crop reagent
The present invention provides a pesticidal agent which comprises N6- (2- hydroxyethyl) adenosine and auxiliary agents, wherein the agents can be used to control pests on crops. The insecticidal