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Chaos-based image encryption and decryption algorithm
The algorithm has the benefits that high-intensity and high-speed color image encryption algorithm can be realized, industrialization is easy to realize, the algorithm gas great effect on the protection of digital produces, and the industrial prospect is wide. Expand
Technology for producing growth promoting bioorganic fertilizer by using algae mud as additive and product
The invention provides a low-cost growth promoting bioorganic fertilizer produced by using algae mud as an additive and a production technology thereof, and belongs to an agricultural intensiveExpand
Single crystal tunable broad band noncolinear femtosecond light parameter magnification method and apparatus
The invention relates to a method and a device for amplifying a single crystal tunable broadband non-collinear femtosecond optical parameter. Light output from a pump source is divided into two beamsExpand
Large volume lithium ion cell collector structure
The utility model relates to a flow collection structure of a high-capacity lithium ion cell. A positive electrode flow collection structure comprises a positive electrode flow collection sheet and aExpand
Sill anchor pre-embedded positioning cover die
The utility model provides a sill anchor pre-embedded positioning cover die, which belongs to the building construction field. The positioning cover die comprises a positioning rack and at least oneExpand
Roll repairing method
The invention discloses a roll repairing method which is used for repairing a medium-and-small sized bar and wire roughing mill roll. A device for implementing the method comprises a roll and aExpand
Method for producing recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor
This invention relates to a method for producing recombined human granular leukocyte colony stimulating factors including: fermenting, breaking bactrriums, extracting occlusion bodies,Expand