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A four-wire mass vibration sensitive device Microgyroscope
The present invention pertains to gyro sensitive device, particularly relates to a four-wire mass Microgyroscope vibration sensitive device. A four-wire mass Microgyroscope vibration sensitiveExpand
Method for synthesizing 1-amino naphthalenes
A process for synthesizing amino naphthalene by nitro naphthalene with carbon monoxide and water, selenium as catalyst, organic alkali and inorganic alkali as assistant catalyst in organic solvent,Expand
以硒催化在高压条件下还原2,5-二甲氧基-4-氯硝基苯制备2,5-二甲氧基-4-氯苯胺,通过条件实验确定了较好的反应条件:原料2,5-二甲氧基-4-氯硝基苯2.18 g(10 mmol)、Se 0.015 8 g、Na HCO30.42 g(5mmol)、环己烷40 m L、H2O 2m L;反应温度150℃;PCO 6.0 MPa;反应时间8Expand
It’s time to dust off the flotation device and start thinking again. Expand
Method for synthesizing 2, 4-dichloroaniline
The invention relates to a method for synthesizing 2, 4-dichloroaniline. The adopted technical scheme is as follows: in the presence of carbon monoxide and water, 2, 4-dinitrobenzene serves as theExpand
Method for synthesizing 2-amino-N,N-dimethylbenzamide
The invention relates to a method for synthesizing 2-amino-N,N-dimethylbenzamide. The 2-amino-N,N-dimethylbenzamide is prepared by reducing 2-nitro-N,N-dimethylbenzamide at normal pressure or mediumExpand
Method for synthesizing CLT acid
The invention relates to a method for synthesizing CLT acid, which has the technical scheme that 2-nitro-4-methyl-5-chlorobenzenesulfonic acid is taken as raw material; under the condition thatExpand
Method for synthesizing nitryl arylamine compounds
The invention discloses a chemical synthesizing method of nitroarylamine compound, which comprises the following steps: adopting aromatic dinitro compound as raw material and selenium dioxide asExpand