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162. JT-60ガス注入装置・予備電離装置の性能特性
Gas injection and pre-ionization systems of JT-60 require quick response and good controllability to produce and to control plasma discharge. Their components were installed near a vacuum vessel.
62. 臨界プラズマ試験装置の試作開発,(III)
The vacuum vessel of JT-60, JAERI large tokamak device whose construction has just been started in fiscal year 1977, is a toroidal chamber made from Inconel 625 and consists of eight rigid sectorial
JT-60 power tests were carried out from Dec. 10, 1984 to Feb. 20, 1985 to demonstrate, in advance of actual plasma operation, satisfactory performance of tokamak machine, power suppliers and control
60. 臨界プラズマ試験装置の試作開発,(I)
In the conceptional design study of the large JAERI tokamak device JT-60 and the preliminary design study major problem areas in the toroidal field coils (TF-coil) design were identified. They
156. JT-60真空容器建設途上の真空管理
The present report describes the vacuum leak testing, the wall conditioning and the obtained vacuum performance of the JT-60 vacuum vessel before the first plasma production.The JT-60 tokamak machine