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Solid fuel separator fluidized bed gasification method and gasifier
The present invention relates to a solid fuel separator type fluidized-bed gasification method and the gasifier. Drying of the fuel, gasification of pyrolysis and char by performing the tar /Expand
Fluidized-bed gasification method
To provide a fluidized-bed gasification method which make it possible to control the circulation amount of the solid particles in the fluidized bed combustion furnace enhance gasification efficiencyExpand
Particle circulation quantity control device of a circulating fluidized bed reactor
An object of the present invention is to increase the gasification efficiency in the arbitrarily adjusted to fluidized bed gasification furnace circulation amount of particles without changing theExpand
下水汚泥/廃プラスチックの共ガス化: 実験およびシミュレーションによる評価
This study is devoted to elucidating experimentally the co-gasification characteristics of sewage sludge with a kind of other high calorific fuels such as plastic waste and to evaluating the possibleExpand
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Prediction of combustion oscillation in DLE combustor
Combustion oscillations often occur in DLE (Dry Low Emission) gas turbine combustors. The oscillation may cause a reduction in combustor durability and system efficiency. A one-dimensional linearExpand
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