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Instant communication system, method and apparatus
The present invention discloses an instantaneous communication method, the key lies in that a server receives the requirement of the first user examining the shared information of good friends of thesecond user which is emitted by the UE and emits it to the UE. Expand
Method and system for implementing universal network management based on configuration describing document
The invention discloses a method for realizing general network management based on setting description document. Expand
System, client end and method for obtaining history message and feeding back history message
The invention discloses a method for obtaining historical information, the method comprises obtaining on-line member client side information, sending request information of historical information toExpand
Method and device for realizing virtual GGSN of enterprise inserting business
This invention discloses a method for realizing virtual GGSN in enterprise acc service which establishes and virtual GGSm according to the information forward by OMC safeguarding station about establishing virtual GGSM to allocate SCP service managing system and establish and allocate G: interface to finish virtual G GSN to operate on processing service acc procedure. Expand
Network bandwidth detecting method for implementing stream medium service
A network bandwidth detecting method for implementing stream medium service includes such steps as requesting the stream medium program by user, transmitting bandwidth test message including the current and random non-compression data from stream medium server to user player, feeding the response message from user player back to said server, calculating network bandwidth, playing the stream Medium program while repeating said steps several times, and calculating average network bandwidth. Expand
Processing method of multi-media data
The present invention discloses a processing method of multimedia data. Expand
Information fast searching device, client end, system and method
本发明公开一种信息快捷搜索客户端、系统及信息快捷搜索方法。 所述系统包括客户端及与其网络连接的服务器,服务器包括搜索引擎模块及与其连接的索引数据库。 其中,所述客户端包括输入模块及从该输入模块获取搜索请求信息的搜索请求模块,搜索请求模块将从输入模块获取的搜索请求信息通过网络发送至搜索引擎模块,搜索引擎模块在索引数据库中进行搜索,并接收该搜索结果。Expand
Shared file issuing and downloading method and file sharing control system
The present invention provides a method for releasing shared file including sending user identification and network connection information of shared user to login server by user terminal in order to request certification. Expand
Bandwidth detection method for implementing a streaming service
The present invention discloses a method for detecting network bandwidth streaming media services, which a user when a program on-demand streaming media, the streaming server transmits to the user system comprises a current player time and uncompressed bandwidth of random test data packet, the user after the player receives the above response message feedback network bandwidth measurement packets to the streaming media server based on the response message. Expand
Video/audio file multi-source download method and device
The method includes steps: based on media data abstract and integrated file abstract of object file requested by client end to search file source, the device obtains set of identical or similar file sources of objectfile. Expand