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Beam splitter device, the light source device and the scanning observation apparatus
The one beam, while branching to a plurality of beams of light path lengths differ, be different relative angle between the beams, with a simple configuration, is set to the same position in theExpand
Cell status assessment device
This cell status assessment device (100) comprises: an image acquisition unit (2) that has a rectilinear line sensor (21), which detects light from cells that are being cultured on a culture surface that is inside a container; a container region recognition unit (3) that recognizes the region of the culture surface in the image; and a cell status Assessment unit (4) that assesses the status of the cells in the recognized culture surface region. Expand
Transparentizing agent for organism
The present invention provides a biological transparentizing agent capable of suppressing light scattering in a biological tissue, particularly adipose tissue. This biological transparentizing agentExpand