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会議報告 14th International Cryocooler Conference[ICC14]
Insulated container, insulating device and adiabatic METHOD
In the adiabatic apparatus of the present invention, a vessel includes an adiabatic layer in which an object is taken. A plurality of thermal shield plates are located in the adiabatic layer. EachExpand
Water priority control method
Disclosed is when an excessive amount of water above the water which provides the maximum efficiency waterwheel is supplied to the hydraulic turbine, water wheel, etc. water overflowing without reachExpand
Intake mechanism of Sabo Dam
[PROBLEMS] A sabo dam that is simple in structure and easy to maintain, and that can easily switch between water intake during startup, danger avoidance during flooding and removal of dust whenExpand
Sabo dam water intake mechanism
A structure is easy simple maintenance, and a water intake in the commissioning time, lodging flood when danger avoidance and dust removal of dust when clogging occurs due can easily switch a checkExpand
Liquidity porous concrete
【Task】 It is also intended to provide liquidity porous concrete that can be used to build the structures of various shapes having a permeability in the soil below the water table by using a boreholeExpand
Helium cooling device