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Vaccine containing attenuated Mycoplasma bovis strain and method of attenuation
The present invention relates to a novel attenuated Mycoplasma bovis bacterial strain that has been passaged at least 110 times. Furthermore, the present invention provides an immunogenic compositionExpand
L. intracellularis culture, anti - Lawsonia intracellularis vaccines and diagnostic agents
(57) Abstract: Cells Cells were inoculated for infection by L. intracellularis bacteria, incubated at a low oxygen concentration, a large Lawsonia intracellularis by maintaining the infected cells inExpand
Schmallenberg virus (sbv) vaccine, their preparation and use
The present invention relates to the field of vaccines and pharmaceutical to prevent or treat infections in ruminants. In particular, the present invention is, viremia induced by Schmallenberg virusExpand
L. intracellularis, as well as the vaccine of the European origin, diagnostic agents and methods of use
The present invention relates to a method prevention and diagnosis of Lawsonia intracellularis vaccines and L. intracellularis infection. Products and methods of the present invention, partially, L.Expand