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Apparatus and method for reading information from the information carrier.
Improved satellite signals, the correlation between the improved read signal and improved satellite signals to minimize, is supplied to the first circuit configured to suppress crosstalk of the read signal that. Expand
Symbol detection apparatus and method for two-dimensional channel data stream due to crosstalk cancellation
To avoid substantial loss of detection performance at the edges of the 2D symbol strip according 2D format, symbol strip from the next one adjacent symbol row is diverted to the nearest symbol strip by applying the cross talk cancellation the respective first adjacent symbol rows between the symbols row. Expand
Method with an average runlength maintaining code for improved readout parameter control, apparatus and record carrier
Runlength characteristic and control method of the present application proposed, all detected run length contributes to the error signal, the much faster response, provides the advantage of reducing read error. Expand
Recording medium reader
The present invention, as will not function if one radiation beam, no information is lost, and the information providing an efficient reader capable of reading without performing such repetitiveExpand
Method of encoding a bit stream of the binary source signal into a bit of the binary channel signal stream
The encoder for performing this method, is used to prevent illegal copying, for example, it is possible to add a non-user data. Expand
d = 1, r = encoding apparatus and method for encoding a code by PCWA having two constraints
d = 1 code that is currently known, has a long train consists overall high appearance of the shortest 2T run to lower the performance of the 2T run and bit detection device for continuous frequency.Expand
Apparatus and method for recording auxiliary information on a record carrier
By recording the individual identifier can differentiate from other record carriers carrying the same content information the record carrier, particularly to a method for recording auxiliary information on an optical record carrier. Expand
Method of embedding secondary information signal to the channel data stream
The present invention relates to a method and corresponding apparatus embedding secondary information signal to the channel data stream encoded primary information signal and a device for adapting a DC control by making a random selection. Expand
Method and apparatus for encoding information words, a method and apparatus for decoding the information word, the storage medium and signal
To improve the properties of the burst indicated subcode, it is proposed to encode the bits of the exploded subcode byte into different channel words to improve a burst error detection and correction characteristics. Expand