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“кампания петиций” 1905 года как отражение общественного сознания мусульман России в начале XX века
The paper contains essential information on the level of public opinion comprehension of what was happening at the beginning of the XX century by Russian Moslems. The author analyses the archivalExpand
The article presents archival materials of the 1920s, preserved in the central archives of the Russian Federation, on Muslims’ condition, positions of Islamic leaders in the Crimea and theirExpand
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Дискурс отечественных спецслужб о «халифатском вопросе» 1920-х годов: Муса Бигиев, Восточный отдел ОГПУ и политическое единство исламского мира
This article deals with the study of the views of the Soviet intelligence on the so-called short-lived “Caliphate movement”, which originates from the then British India. Even after its officialExpand
Мусульманское духовенство Нижегородского и Самарского Поволжья в 1930-е гг. : проблемы выживания
The article provides the analysis of the Islamic clergy existence problems in the Kuibyshev and Gorky regions in the 1930s.
Формирование татарской общины г. Самары в XVI-XVIII вв. : некоторые аспекты тюркской колонизации Южного Средневолжья
The article is devoted to the history of Turkic colonization of the Samara Region the formation of the Tatar community in Samara in the XVI-XVIII centuries. It discusses the interaction between theExpand
Государственно-исламские отношения в 30-е годы XX века: социальная эволюция или преемственность? (на материалах Поволжья)
The article examines the situation in the Volga region Ummah in 1935-1936, which was created around the choice of the Mufti of the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims. The author analyses theExpand