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Non-reactionable hydrophilic polymers with terminal siloxanes and fields of application thereof
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to applied in ophthalmology compositions of silicone-hydrogel and non-reactionable hydrophilic polymers. Claimed is a composition forExpand
Silicone polymers containing sulfonic acid groups
1. CCK oirk C with (i) pmmoski (ii) pmmok ss ss singkips2 bunch. PtDAs 1 cm2 vkupsvig-a2-ACCs u 2 u 3-m2-zk-3 ak-vkiik3 microns. PtDA 1 vkugkvig AAI sia4. PtDAs 1 vkpmmoskvisfI: FIvkRnviorg oagioagExpand
Method of producing ophthalmological lenses
FIELD: process engineering. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of ophthalmological lenses based on silicon organic polymer hydro gel. Proposed method comprises hardening reaction mixExpand
A method of manufacturing ophthalmic lenses
1. A method comprising: (A) curing in a mold a reaction mixture comprising at least one silicone component, wherein said reaction mixture is substantially free from moderately water solubleExpand
Silicon-containing polymers are formed from non-reactive silicon-containing prepolymers
1. The composition of the polymer formed from a reaction mixture comprising (a) at least one substantially non-reactive prepolymer comprising groups comprising silicon and for compatibility groupsExpand
Medical products with a uniform density of electric charge and methods for their manufacture
1. Анионные, силикон-гидрогелевые контактные линзы, содержащие в своем составе или на указанном силикон-гидрогеле по меньшей мере один статистический сополимер, содержащий звенья, полученные из поExpand
Non-reactive hydrophilic polymers terminated siloxanes and their applications
1. A composition comprising at least one stable almost monodisperse nonreactive hydrophilic polymer, wherein the main chain of said polymer contains a hydrophilic segment with a degree ofExpand
Methods of oxidation stabilization of unstable compositions
1. A method for stabilizing ophthalmic compositions comprising oxidatively unstable excipient, characterized in that said method comprises adding an effective amount of a stabilizing agent in anExpand
The methods and ophthalmic devices used in the treatment of eye allergy
1. The ophthalmic device comprising about a minimum effective amount of an antiallergic agent. ! 2. The ophthalmic device of claim 1, wherein antiallergic agent is selected from the group consistingExpand