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Selaginella borealis и s. sanguinolenta в Западном Забайкалье
This article describes the results of the research of morphologycal features among 2 spieces of Lycopodiopsida ( Selaginella borealis and S. sanguinolenta) and their stability in different conditions.
О новых местонахождениях Physochlaina physaloides (Solanaceae) и Peganum negellastrum (Peganaceae) в западном Забайкалье
Provides new information on the distribution of rare relict plant species and Physochlaina physaloides and Peganum negellastrum in Selenge midlands in western Transbaikalia.
Характер современного распространения некоторых степных восточноазиатских видов в связи с климатогенными трендами
The area of two East-Asian plant species have been studied. The nature of their current distribution analyzed according to main climatic parameters and previous climate dynamic.