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Methods and recovery systems of silicone hydrogel ophthalmic lenses using surfactants
1. A method for extracting an ophthalmic lens comprising silicone from a mold part comprising: exposing said ophthalmic lens to a first aqueous solution comprising about 1% or more Standamox CAW;Expand
Methods and systems for processing devices made of hydrogels with a complex shape
1. A method for removing unreacted components and diluents from an ophthalmic lens comprising silicone, comprising! impact on the above ophthalmic lens to a first aqueous solution containing aboutExpand
Methods of oxidation stabilization of unstable compositions
1. A method for stabilizing ophthalmic compositions comprising oxidatively unstable excipient, characterized in that said method comprises adding an effective amount of a stabilizing agent in anExpand
The methods and ophthalmic devices used in the treatment of eye allergy
1. The ophthalmic device comprising about a minimum effective amount of an antiallergic agent. ! 2. The ophthalmic device of claim 1, wherein antiallergic agent is selected from the group consistingExpand
Methods of stabilisation of oxidatively unsatable compositions
FIELD: medicine, pharmaceutics. SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relate to field of medicine, in particular, to ophthalmology. Method of stabilisation of eye composition, which includes oxidativelyExpand