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Финансовая база реализации энергосберегающих технологий хозяйствующих субъектов
In the article considers the issues of finance source of firms using for projects of energy saving.
Трансформация управленческих технологий в цифровой экономике
The conclusion is made about the cardinal change of management paradigm and depersonalization of highly effective processes of management of various focus groups by formalized and algorithmized teams of artificial intelligence.
Перспективы инновационной направленности развития российского бизнеса
Financial aspects are examined of innovational development and growth of the Russian business in globalization conditions. The concept of a cost estimation of business allows to reveal target
Особенности мышления и научного познания в современном мироустройстве
The article deals with factors and trends characteristic of modern thinking and scientific cognition. First of all it concerns factors of time and space as universal coordinates of matter. Peculiar