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Полиморфизм промоторного региона генов il-4, il-6 и il-10 у пациенток с раком молочной железы
In spite of extreme controversies on possible role of cytokines as regulating factors in cancer pathology, their role during carcinogenesis is beyond doubts. Since regulation of cytokine geneExpand
Мутации в гене-супрессоре ТР53 и их связь с особенностями клинического течения рака молочной железы
The frequency of TP53 supressor gene mutations at exons 5,7 and 8 in tumor tissue of 60 patients with breast cancer was assessed using PCR-SSCP-analysis. The frequency of mutations was 61.7% (37/60)Expand
Исследование связи параметров иммунной системы с эффективностью неоадъювантной химиотерапии у больных раком молочной железы
The results of defining peculiarities immune system parameters dynamics in mammary cancer patients with several efficacy of neoadyuvant chemo -therapy are presented in the article. The study includedExpand