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Антиисторицизм и проблемы исторического познания
This article is devoted to criticism of the traditional philosophy of history, formed in the middle of XX century in the framework of the philosophy of neo-positivism. The author analyzes theExpand
Абсентеисты как политическая страта современного российского общества
Article considers a special category of citizens – political absenteeists characterized by indifference to politics, deviating from participation in it. The authors revealed the availableExpand
Электоральные технологии политического менеджмента
The article describes the basic technology of the modern electoral political management. The paper takes into account political and marketing options especially for foreign and domestic experience inExpand
Методология политического менеджмента как разновидность прикладной политологии
The article is devoted to the variety of political management methodology in modern political science teaching. Theoretical and empirical methods are considered. Political management is investigatedExpand
К вопросу о методиках выявления политической элиты современной России
The article is an overview of methods to identify the political elite of modern Russia. Comparing the ratings of twenty influential politicians, made in December 2011 through a variety of techniques,Expand
Высшее образование в условиях мультикультурализма и советский опыт создания системы образования для национальных меньшинств
This article provides a brief overview of the current state of development of the theory of multiculturalism, analyzes the multicultural educational practices and Soviet policy in the field of higherExpand
Цивилизационный подход: возможности и перспективы
The basic concepts of history of local entities or civilizations of the XX century are considered in the article. The author analyzes them in terms of the question of the meaning of history and theExpand
Цивилизационный процесс в религиозном измерении
This article analyzes trends of exacerbation of interreligious confrontation between the Western and Islamic civilizations in the modern world. The author highlights the major problem areas andExpand