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The article presents the study of radiologist satisfaction of their work, materials is based on Mari El Republic. In the basis of this research is widely recognized importance-performance analysis.(More)
Radiation therapy of inoperable peripheral non-small cell lung cancer with single daily fraction of 3Gy or 4Gy, 5 fractions per week, up to total dose 60Gy to the primary tumor and up to 39Gy or 45Gy(More)
Purpose: to study the role of virtual multislice-CT-bronchoscopy in the detection of bronchial tumors and assessment of bronchial tumor extension. Material and methods. Findings of the virtual(More)
Preconditions. We postulated, that in Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) it would be sufficient to obtain information only from one (venous) phase of contrast computer tomography (CT) to asses the effect of(More)
The data on MRI of 138 patients with various pathologies of the spine. Criteria for differential diagnosis according to magnetic resonance imaging in benign and malignant lesions of the spinal cord,(More)