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Численная модель процессов развития мелкомасштабных неоднородностей экваториальной ионосферы
A numerical model of equatorial F-layer of ionosphere on simulating of ionosphere irregularities with object scale from 1 km during to the instability development is constructed.
Неустойчивость экваториального F-слоя ионосферы в условиях переменного электрического поля
The results of numerical simulation of Rayleigh-Taylor instability under conditions of alternating electric fields on the basis of electrodynamically consistent mathematical model of the EquatorialExpand
Процессы влагопереноса в пористых средах
An comparative analysis for models of soil transfer of moisture on theory of moisture potential and capillary description is carried out.
3D-моделирование экваториального F-рассеяния: сравнение моделей mi3 и Sami3
Group of scientists of the Immanuil Kant Baltic Federal University (I. Kant BFU) in 1989 developed a three-dimensional code to study equatorial F‑spread (EFS) studying. The Naval Research LaboratoryExpand
Использование Z-схемы в модели неустойчивости Рэлея - Тейлора
A nonlinear finite-differential scheme for solution of convection-diffusion equation in the field of models of Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the equatorial region of Earth ionosphere is considered.Expand